You can make a life in many ways- Donate, spend time, spend resources or effort.

  • You can get involved- once a week, month, quarter, 6 months or once a year
  • You can donate on a monthly, quarterly , half yearly or yearly basis.
  • You can donate to a specific cause or on an overall basis
  • You can send supplies/clothes/household items/children specific items for a specific cause or on an overall basis
  • CSR- It is rare to find the top boss of a large enterprise being intimately involved with its sustainability initiatives. You can create sustainable livelihoods as part of its sustainable livelihood and social empowerment programmes either through micro-enterprises, or assistance with loans to pursue income generating activities through various causes associated through us. Call us and we can chalk out a ‘touch a life’ program for your organization

You can send supplies like Ration, home supplies, fruits, vegetables, utensils, mattress, other items like games, books etc that can be used for various charities

Please send us your details and we can get the supplies/chq picked up and/or communicate our schedule for your involvement. (we charge a nominal Rs 200 per transaction to get supplies/chq pick up/deliveries)

Get Involved

With what you get, you can make a living. Only with what you give, you can make a life.