Jyotika Dhawan

We are all busy with our lives- there is work, home , kids, friends, socializing etc but we have come to this world with a purpose, not just to look out for each other but to anyone who needs a helping hand. With this thought, me and my friends started ‘Om- lets spread a smile’ to facilitate what we can.. to spread a smile on someone’s face.

I have over 15 years of intense experience in HR operations and strategy. I run a successful headhunting company called Helix-HR. My expertise includes Coaching, leadership development, management development, employee engagement & talent acquisition.

Jyotika Dhawan

I am a trainer from Achieve Global, Thomas profiling and Gallup and a life coach. After many years of understanding divinity and exploring the true meaning of spirituality I realized that that life is sacred, that nature deserves a certain reverence, that our presence in the world contributes to joy and goodness, that things have a way of working out (not always as we expect) that joy usually comes from sharing with others, and that while we don't always get what we want, we can always choose to make the most of what we get.


Shikha Chetal

Shikha Chetal is an alumnus of Springdales and Delhi Univ. Shikha has spent years networking and the betterment of the soceity around her. She has been associated with various causes from time to time and is now involved in Om lets spread a smile. She is a spiritual person and believes Charity is willingly given from the heart. She is responsible for events, programs of Om.


Kaneecka Mehra

Kaneecka is a fashion designer by profession and an ardent cook. She is a Hotel management graduate and has worked with Mariott and Tetrapak for many years. Kanika s key to happy life is a life with sustained relationships, challenging work and connections to community. She is responsible for the Donations program of Om.


Bharti Nihalani

Bharti Nihalani has over a number of year’s encouraged and facilitated children of all age & cultures to be creative, discover, and develop their unique abilities. She has been a consultant for education portal with imarketingadvantage. She has also been involved in designing, strategizing, facilitating & conducting various workshops, drama’s, theatricals and dance performances for kids. She worked in Cosmoline Travel & Commsys Inc for a couple of years. Bharti strongly believes There is no born genius; education is the way to develop ability. She is a deeply spiritual person and is passionately involved in this sector. She is responsible for capability building and classes taken through Om.



Nandini is the smallest member of our team who is deeply spiritual. She is very attached to the thought of giving and enabling others. She is responsible for neighbourhood charity activities, education for helpers and taking up projects in school.

Ajit Raisighani

Ajit Raisighani is a retired professional with years in the construction and advertising business. He is responsible for supplies/ration pick up (old/new utensils, toys, books, mattresses, bedsheets, clothes or any other household/office items,) that needs to be delivered to any charity/cause.